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Men’s wear launch!

Willem Maker

While record execs and shareholders wring their collective hands over the harrowing times facing the record business, creative men and women are still bent over guitars and laboring over lyrics on any piece of paper available. Because the truth is, without musicians, there is no business. So brave souls trudge on, oblivious to the hardships felt by previous participants. The bad times don’t seem to have reached Turkey Heaven Mountain, a tiny section of Ranburne, Alabama. Right off exit 205 before you hit the Georgia state line, Willem Maker is crafting bluesy originals hued together with raspy vocals and stunning...

Wednesday 13

BY: Larry May 

SIL. The new song “My Dark Place Alone” sounds great on the radio and the video is pretty kick ass. Tell us about the video and how it was made.

W13. When I’ve done videos before, a concept is turned into the label and then the process of going back and forth gets really dumb. When Joey and I talked about it, we wanted to do a performance video. When I called Paul, the video’s director, he asked me what I saw when I heard the song. I saw us in a room with dripping black walls...



larry may

Trivium is a heavy metal band from Orlando, Florida that specializes in the aggressive, in your face style that is more brutal than your father’s metal. They have released four albums, and the first three are perfect prologue for their current release, “Shogun”. Each record has ramped up anticipation for the next, and their popularity has other metal bands envious of Trivium’s fan base, timing and most importantly, songs. 

On the eve of the album’s release, guitarist Corey Beaulieu is handling press and preparing for a fresh batch of tour dates to help promote the CD.


Maria Taylor

On past records and collaborations, Maria Taylor has shown tremendous promise. Her promise is fulfilled on her new album, “Ladyluck”. There honestly is not any filler on this record. Each song stands on its own, with varying degrees of heartbreak and lines uttered by all of us after the end of a breakup. Her relationship with indie whiz kid Conor Oberst is over, and this record serves as a full account of the emotional collapse that accompanies lost love. This new CD is peppered with lines that sound so familiar, and help to recall the fresh ache of rejection from...