Eddie Money Interview

Eddie Money

By Larry and Tenza May

Most of the people we interview in this rag are on tour in the Southeast or have new albums coming out. At times, we wonder what an artist not currently in the news might be up to.  One of those guys we wondered about was Eddie Money. He seemed like an affable character, so we wangled an 8 minute exchange one morning before Eddie hit the links, and before we woke up Andrew and ate breakfast.

What are you concentrating on now? 

I’m really interested in helping my daughter launch a career in the music biz. She’s fantastic, you might have seen her on that show on VH1.  

I did see that.  She was the first voted off, which was surprising, because there were obviously worse people on that show. 

That was done primarily for shock value.  The producers knew I wasn’t going to be in the audience, and did it just to gain some momentum for their show. But it didn’t affect her at all, she’s going to be a lot bigger than that show.

How is she at taking direction from you, regarding her career?

Not so hot.  She thinks I’m old and don’t know what I’m talking about. But I’ve been there when wax albums sold for $6.98.  So I’ve been around.

You have been around a while.  What accomplishments make you the proudest?

Being able to provide for my family. Nobody here wants for anything. It wasn’t always easy, but I’m doing great now, I live in Florida and play a lot of golf.

What is your favorite song to perform?

“Two Tickets to Paradise”.  I like it because of the way the crowd reacts to it.

What is your least favorite?

I’d have to say “ Take Me Home Tonight”, for reasons I won’t go into.

That was all we had time for, and he was a fun guy to talk to.  He’s working on a Broadway play, and has music he’s working on.  He hung up with the line guaranteed to work on every Southern girl, “Tenza, I love your accent, hon”.

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