Geoff Tate

As the lead singer and creative force of one of progressive metal’s bands, Geoff Tate both entertained and influenced rock fans in two decades. Queensryche made their luck, selling 60,000 LP’s without the benefit of a record label deal. Dropping those credentials on a record exec’s desk made their contract a no-brainer. They began getting acclaim with 1986’s “Rage For Order”. Opening for several established bands like Ratt and their compatriots exposed them to a wider audience.

Queensryche hit the proverbial home run with 1988’s “Operation Mindcrime”. Their videos and radio singles became staples in their respective formats and the album is widely regarded as a concept album classic. The wide blown success of “Operation” was a springboard for the politically charged ”Empire” album in 1990. The smash single “Silent Lucidity” transcended the rock genre and continues to be a valid spin on classic and alternative radio today.

Tate split with Queensryche in 2012. The acrimonious division left rock fans with two versions of the metal kings. Tate’s version is on a southeastern swing through the beginning of 2014 that will bring them to Birmingham’s Workplay Theater. His new lineup will celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Operation Mindcrime” by playing the album in its entirety.

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