Kyle Glass

Kyle Gass: Trainwreck or Bad Ass Overdose?


Kyle Gass is readily identified by his role as half of Tenacious D. If one stopped there, a grave injustice has been perpetrated. As Klip Calhoun, he also can be blamed for the foot in your crotch tunes smoking your speakers courtesy of Trainwreck. The ‘wreck is for guys who eat meat, don’t wear seatbelts and just plain whoop ass. Real men. Real bad asses. The newest album from Trainwreck, “Screwin’ Your Sister”, -wait, scratch that-“The Wreckoning”, is melting store shelves right now. What are you waiting for? Fire up the El Camino and get your ass down to an indie record store right now. 


II. The songs and musicianship on the new record are incredibly tight. Some might find that surprising, considering your roots in less serious projects. 

KG. Thanks, I really appreciate that.

II. Who are the principal songwriters for Trainwreck?
KG. We all contributed. We all come in with ideas, but flesh it out as a band. John, the guitar player, seems to be stepping up a lot and writing. JR and I also do a lot of the writing. 

II. Do you feel like the video for “Brodeo” has enough back hair?

KG. Do you think there could have been more?

II. Was it a matter of budget as far as not having more?

KG. We don’t believe in waxing, it’s all about bros. It’s about hanging with real dudes. 

II. I see that you are coming to play the Southeast. What is your process and preparation for a trip down South? Did you get your tetanus shots, enough lighter fluid?

KG. We’re ready for anything, tire fires, you name it. We’re ready for the South, my friend. No preparation necessary. 

II. Who styles Klip Calhoun’s wig?

KG. That would be Darryl Donald. He’s my stylist. I used to go more with a mullet, but now I’m going shorter. I don’t want to be mistaken for a hippie.

II. What kind of car does Klip drive?
KG. He drives a ’68 Camaro. 

II. With a tape deck?
KG. Definitely, with a tape deck. He’s holding onto it.

II. If all of the guys in Trainwreck were to engage in a foot race, who would win?

KG. That would be Darryl Donald. He’s a superior athlete. 

II. Would you rather be a member of Molly Hatchet or Lynyrd Skynyrd?

KG. I think it would have to be Molly Hatchet. There aren’t enough original members of Skynyrd left.

II. On a more serious note, do you notice a lack of real kick ass rock bands right now?

KG. I really do. I think we’re filling the void. Rock music now is really more of a boutique thing. It’s a niche industry now. There’s too many feelings happening when we really need more rocking. 

II. What’s up with Tenacious D?
KG. We’re working on a new record. We’re about halfway done. We’ll record it in the next few months and then hit the road again. 

II. What year will Trainwreck be eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame?

KG. I think it will be 2027. We’re hoping for a first ballot entry. It all depends on how many records you can sell at your store. 

II. Thanks for the vote of confidence. We don’t sell what we used to, but we are far from dead. 

II. Have you forgiven yourself for upsetting MIA?

KG. MIA can go suck mine. What the hell, where did she come from? She’s got a lot of nerve dissing me. She can’t even sing in tune. 

II. Yeah, fuck her. 

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