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Rob Crow from Pinback is an eclectic fellow. He loves comic books, heavy metal, and pop inflected indie rock. He also fronts the heavy metal band Goblin Cock. I killed a few minutes talking with him, and found him to be very interesting.  He isn’t your typical musician, he would sooner talk about his plethora of side bands or serving the monster of rock and roll.  He claims to not be in it for the money, and one tends to believe him.

So here goes:

You’re from San Diego.  Can you describe it to someone who has never been?

There are beaches, and there is nice weather.  But I’m usually inside working, so I don’t get out and enjoy it much.

When did you start to gravitate towards being a musician?

I’ve always been advanced(?), so it was as soon as possible. But as far as supporting myself, maybe in the last seven or eight years.  But that was never the impetus, I just make stuff because I like it and I have to. It’s just what I was meant to do. Supporting myself is just a benefit, I would do it if I was starving. 

Have you toured much in Alabama?
By the time we get there, I’m usually not sure where I am. 

Is it a challenge to tour with the shape of the economy?

It does bother us, but writers write and bands play. The only hard part of touring is when it interferes with being a parent. Fortunately, I can usually bring my family on the road with me. 

You are the first musician to tell me that they bring their families with them on tour. 

That’s because most musicians are scumbags. They use going on tour as an excuse to go sleep around. But we try to run our band like a family. I have two children, a 2 1/2 year old and a three month old.

Do you have your own label?

Yes, I do. It’s an outlet because I have way too many projects going on to get them all released and keep tabs on them. So this way I can do it and make sure I can control it. At first, it is a learning process, but so far I’ve been happy with the results. I’m not trying to be the next Sup Pop, I just want to be the guy who can get the stuff out there to the people who want it.

What’s going on with Goblin Cock?

I’m putting out the new record in January. 

Is the Goblin Cock project meant to be taken seriously?

I’m totally into it. It is such a refreshing outlet for me. The new video will have Vikings in it. It’s going to be awesome. 

You’re a father, and a musician. What interests you most now?

Obviously, my family.  I love comics. Books, you know, the usual stuff. I like Star Wars, up to a point. 

 What records do you own that would surprise fans of your band?

Hopefully, I don’t fit into one kind of genre. At our shows, there are lots of different kinds of people there, which is what we’re hoping for. I don’t listen to anything that you can find on the radio. I like the Shags, Meshuggah, and stuff like that. British heavy metal, and dark metal. I like Leadbelly, Fugazi, lots of DC hardcore, some grindcore. I also have a Donnie Osmond fixation.

Does anything scare you?

Everything scares me. I’m terrified of screwing up as a dad, but being a dad makes me the happiest. 


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