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Edwin McCain

Edwin McCain

By Larry May

Edwin McCain’s career got a boost from good friends and fellow South Carolinians Hootie & The Blowfish.  Edwin had been playing in Greenville for a while and doing all right for himself. I first saw him as an opener for Hootie in 1995.  I remember a lone figure, longhaired and earnest, with a gospel-tinged voice that blew through the crowd noise like a siren.   Months later, when his first hit single “Solitude” began to chart, I couldn’t forget how impressed I was with his live performance.  

Edwin McCain’s new CD, “Nobody’s...

Eddie Money Interview

Eddie Money

By Larry and Tenza May

Most of the people we interview in this rag are on tour in the Southeast or have new albums coming out. At times, we wonder what an artist not currently in the news might be up to.  One of those guys we wondered about was Eddie Money. He seemed like an affable character, so we wangled an 8 minute exchange one morning before Eddie hit the links, and before we woke up Andrew and ate breakfast.

What are you concentrating on now? 

I’m really interested in helping my daughter launch a...

Colin Hay

Colin Hay

By larry may

Colin Hay made a name for himself as front man of Men at Work, prompting many American teenagers to look up the meaning of a vegemite sandwich. The Aussie Men ripped a hole in U.S. record stores charts with “Land Down Under” and followed up with “Who Can It Be Now?” The band followed up with other notable singles full of quirky lyrics and unconventional woodwinds and also other full-length releases.  They eventually sold 30 million albums. 

For many artists, that would have been satisfactory. There is much to be said for resting...

Cold War Kids Interview


By larry may

Each musical generational highway is littered with the remains of buzz worthy bands that are white hot on Tuesday, and are frigid and in cut out bins by Friday.  The last examples were the Medusa’s head known in the 1990s as SugarSmashChumbaEyeBlind. Of that stellar group, only Matchbox 20 has a sustainable career. The difference in buzz bands now is that instead of bloated record labels pushing mediocrity to us, we get bombarded by the ever-steady hand of music bloggers. Tapes N Tapes, Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah, blah blah. The latest...